Sunday, 19 April 2015

Counting cards!

Well for those of you who have seen my previous post, I got very giddy and excited when we launched 'The Great Scheme of Things' so much so I put together multiple kits containing 6 sheets of patterned paper and 3 sheets of card stock. This week I acknowledged the fact my scrapbooking is currently out of control (64 layouts in March so far - whoops) and that really I could do with doing some cards. Now let's be very clear about this, I do not consider and never have considered myself a card maker, however, due to the vast quantities of paper based craft items that surround me I always feel that I really should make my own cards. So this week rather than making layouts I set too making cards instead. I cut the basic mat for the back to show a little white edge all the way around, I used the mat to build the 'layout' before attaching to the white card. I used torn paper, bakers twine, organza ribbon and strips of paper. I also used a tag punch and stamped the birthday wishes onto each tag. In most instances I then mounted the tag on foam pads to create a little depth. In total I managed to make a set of 18 cards, all very similar but each one was slightly different from the next. Proof that you don't need huge supplies to create a batch of fun cards - Catch Ya Later - Virginia

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  1. Very productive! I like the "assembly line" technique of making cards. The little variances keep the creating time interesting :-)