Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Another fab five!


Well as you will know by now for any of the weeks I've taken part in I've taken 6 sheets of patterned paper and 3 sheets of cardstock to create 5 layouts - no idea why - it just worked that way and I put some little mini kits together. As usual with these I like to add stamping elements, whether it's to enhance the background paper or to create titles - whatever suits. I also use up my embroidery thread by free hand punching holes into the layout and then stitching through them, on the 'Valentines' layout I simply went around the circular embellishments on the page, but with the 'Love you... Love you...' layout I followed the heart shape on the paper and then recreated the shape on the pink. You don't need a lot to create a layout or a set of layouts so why not give it a whirl - Catch Ya later - Virginia


  1. Proving yet again that there is no "pink is for girls" in Scrapbooking :D XXX

  2. You are getting so much scrapping accomplished with these challenges! I've never had success with stitching with embroidery thread. How many strands do you use, Virginia?