Saturday, 21 March 2015

Week 2

So, welcome back for your second colour scheme! Completely different this week!!
                                                           Bright Grey
     Hope this inspires some beautiful creations- don't forget to share and pop back for ours!
                         Love from the schemers xxx


  1. I love red!! So just to make sure I have the colors correct, am I seeing red, dark gray, very light mint green, and pink? Or is it red, slate blue, cool blue, and pink? Thanks! I just don't know if my computer presents the colors correctly, and the samples are small. Can't wait to see what others do with the color combo :-)

  2. It's red, grey, mint and a coral pink! Glad you like it and thanks for commenting! x

  3. Laura, would it be possible to post the colors in the comments when you display the scheme each week? My computer is obviously not showing the correct colors-- I was way off with the coral and gray . (I truly thought they were pink and blue. I almost missed the mint, too. But I was able to see the word "pepperm" on the sample card). LOL! Thanks for considering.