Tuesday, 17 March 2015


Todays take on the colour scheme is a beautiful butterfly pin from Karen!
"The different butterflies were either hand cut or die cut – I used three different sizes.
I embroidered the large butterfly with French knots as well as straight stitches before adding he other two butterflies on the top.
The top butterfly was held into place with three small beads
The two leaves were embroidered before being added to the background felt disk. I stitched on a brooch back so it could be worn as a pin."

Erika has gone for a more pinky take on the theme!
Today, a rose brooch with inspiration taken from a pattern shared by June at http://www.planetjune.com/.../free-crochet.../basic-rose/
I have added individual leaves to the back and hidden under a circle of felt before adding a brooch pin. The centre is wired bling which is thread to the back and stitched in.
Erika x

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